The Six Twitter Tools You Need


To tweet or not to tweet? Twitter is often seen as one of the more challenging social media platforms to manage. The sheer volume of content on an individual’s timeline can seem cluttered, random and, often, from sources, you haven’t chosen to follow. Twitter receives around 6,000 tweets every second so it’s understandable why many businesses give up. Yet, despite its flaws, it’s a platform worth persevering with. Handle Twitter properly and it allows you to reach your audience in a personal way, stay up-to-date with trends you otherwise would miss, provide customer service, save times and generate leads. Below, we’ve created a list of the top six Twitter tools recommended by our team of industry experts.


Despite being something of a newcomer in the world of social media management, AgoraPulse is now one of almost every agency’s go-to social media tools. While it supports Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, it is on Twitter where we feel it comes into its own, providing a complete solution as a Twitter social media board.

AgoraPulse’s unique Twitter solution provides:

-       An invaluable Chrome extension

-       Tracking of all tweet mentions from a particular screen

-       Repeat schedule posts which prevent repeat sharing of the same content

-       A team feature allowing you to assign tweets to your team members

-       Templates to reply to tweets

-       Line-up post and social media calendar

-       An advanced monitoring feature enabling the tracking of all tweets which share an article from your blog or website.



If your primary concern on Twitter is to boost your number of followers then Rewst should probably be your first call. Rewst offers many features you’re probably receiving elsewhere (scheduling, RSS importing etc) but its primary fuction is to allow you to better understand your audience and, crucially, the audience of your competitors.

Rewst does this by:

-       Analysing your current followers and understanding their behavioural patterns

-       Suggesting who you should be following if you want to grow

-       Highlighting those who are either inactive or unresponsive to your content

-       Flagging those who have unfollowed you or don’t follow back adds another string to the bow of marketing professionals looking to add a personal touch to the accounts they manage. Perhaps its most useful feature is it sends a thank you message to those followers who re-tweet content. This friendly touch ensures further engagement with followers and, statistically, makes them more likely to re-tweet content in future. Considering it’s incredibly simple to set-up, this highly-rated tool is invaluable for those looking to grow and engage an audience quickly. It also offers a free service, allowing you to engage with up to 20 people and establish the effectiveness of your Twitter marketing campaigns.

Ninja OutReach

Ninja Outreach is one of our favourite social media tools in 2018 and is known for helping not only Twitter users and business owners but also SEO, content marketers and link-building experts. Primarily used as a influencer marketing, outreach and relationship building tool, Ninja OutReach is vital for:

-       Accessing the bloggers and social media influencers

-       Generating leads through targeted niche and location keywords

-       Finding key influencers in your industry

-       Finding email addresses of your business leads with a built-in email finder

-       Import your own URLs and business leads



Hootsuite remains one of the most impressive and recommended Twitter management tools around. It’s a ease of use, reliability and the fact it can be synced to manage accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ make it a leader in its field. It is also used universally by almost every social media expert to enhance their social media strategies.

One of the Hootsuite features we frequently use on accounts we manage is its ‘social media listening’. Hootsuite allows you to track key phrases and terms across Twitter to determine when your expertise (or the expertise of your company) could be benefical. This is a quick, proven way to bring in new clients and starts with simply ‘listening’ to their social media output and being in tune with their needs.

The ‘team collaboration’ feature has also long been a fundamental part of Hootsuite’s offering, allowing you to add multiple team members to the social media accounts of your choice. This gives you the ability to assign tasks, add collaborators and edit posts as necessary.

Twitter Analytics

While it may seem obvious that Twitter Analytics is a tool you need, many marketers overlook it in favour of third party tools. There’s no need. It remains incredibly easy to use, is proven to increase engagement and provides you with a complete overview of the account you manage.

Providing users with a easily-digestible, snapshot of activity dating back over six months can be a way for those managing already active accounts to best understand what has been working and what hasn’t. It also gives guidance on top followers, records high-performing tweets, mentions and more. Put simply, it will give you the platform to perform better. If you don’t need that than you’re in a very, very small minority.

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